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Powder Fresh Natural Deodorant

Powder Fresh Natural Deodorant

Our Natural Powder Fresh Deodorant is a classic powder fresh scent that you will love!  This powder fresh deodorant provides a strong, yet gentle smell.
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    Our Natural Powder Fresh Deodorant is different to the commercial antiperspirant. When we say "deodorant", have created a product that will do just that - deodorize. Our natural handmade deodorants do not contain aluminum, alcohol, or parabens - because we believe those are harmful to our bodies. Aluminum - clogs the skin pores, alcohol - shrinks the skin pores, and parabens are preservatives that are known endocrine disruptors. So we want to keep those nasty things out of our handmade products! Will you still sweat using our natural deodorants? Yes. Will you have body odor? No.
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