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Natural Lavender Deodorant

Natural Lavender Deodorant

This is your all-natural body odor controlling deodorant for men and women that goes on smooth and keeps you smelling fresh all day and night!  This is a deodorant that you will be glad you found!
  • Details

    Our Natural Lavender Deodorant has a wonderfully rich floral aroma, which will give you a very fresh feeling. Lavender Essential Oil has a lot of medicinal properties to it, which makes it wonderful oil for an all-natural deodorant. Our Natural Lavender Deodorant also includes Tea Tree and Sweet Orange Essential Oils, which add some great qualities to our handmade deodorant. These essential oils not only enrich this deodorant's scent, but they are of great benefit to the skin! Tea Tree Essential Oil, a natural anti-microbial, controls the growth of bacteria and fungus to prevent any unpleasant underarm smell. Orange Essential Oil helps the skin heal itself, reduces inflammation, prevents scars, and balances the production of oil and masks underarm odor. This natural deodorant is ideal for all skin types.

    No Aluminum Salts! No Alcohol! No Parabens!
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